Dear all,

First of all and once again a huge “Thank You!” to you all for making 2015 yet another great year here at Beaumont Quarter.

Also, a warm welcome to all the new owners and tenants who joined us over the last 12 months. It’s great to have you on board.

Thank you everybody for putting up with all those inconveniences, minor and major, expected and unexpected, brought on by contractors and the occasional equipment failure and also for your patience during the times of repairs, repaints, roadworks and other events, bringing with them inevitable disruptions.

Every year we are aiming at completing as many projects as possible pre-Christmas, but chances are the odd project will run into the New Year. New projects are always on the cards, so expect more contractors to be onsite from early on in 2016 as well.

All of this work is undertaken in an effort to make the complex an even better place, so my thanks in advance for being accommodating and understanding once again.

Which brings me to a favour I have to ask of all of you for the year ahead. With all those contractors on site, we pretty much have our hands full most days. If and when you, as residents, then arrange for deliveries or contractors who require to access your units or apartments, and you want us to provide that access, can you please be so good and let us know in advance? Despite us trying as best we can, if we’re not at the office when they arrive or if we are unable to answer the phone, it is entirely possible that we won’t be able to deal with your contractor there and then, resulting in delays and frustration on all sides. I appreciate your understanding and help.
By the looks of things, summer appears to be just around the corner, which means those of us who are staying behind will hopefully be able to spend at least a few days and evenings in courtyards and on decks and balconies. So please be so kind and keep in mind the points we raise each year, in particular around noise (some of us will be working right the way through and will need a good night’s sleep), but also cleanliness, especially in the recreation centre. A little consideration will go a long way towards making everybody’s life in Beaumont Quarter, especially over these next couple of weeks, so much more enjoyable.

If you are lucky enough to get away for a few days, maybe let your neighbours know so they can keep an eye on things, water some plants and check on your letterbox.

Will you be leaving an empty car park behind while you’re away? If so, we’d love to hear from you. No doubt a number of residents will have friends and/or family visiting for a day or three over the holiday period, so it would be a great help for everybody if you would allow us to make good use of those empty spaces for a day here or there during that time.
Until Thursday the 24th of December, it will pretty much be business as usual, although I suspect I won’t be around the office until 7pm that evening. After that and through to the early days of January, Jeremy and I will be around most days, although please expect our hours of operation to be somewhat reduced. The office will not necessarily be manned during that time, certainly not until 7pm, but we will be around and I will of course keep the phone on, as I always do.

I hope all of you are getting some time off to spend with friends and family over the next few weeks – enjoy and if you’re travelling, be safe.

…and remember, if you have any questionss or concerns, let me know.

One final note. I know it’s tempting, especially on New Year’s Eve, but please, be aware and respect that Beaumont Quarter is a “fireworks-free-zone”!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
PS: Some of you are still sending emails to my old email address. That address is no longer being monitored and we will cut it off as of 31 December 2015. Please update your address book, if you haven’t already done so. Thank you.

Thanks and Kind Regards

Ulf Behncke
Complex Manager