Dear Residents,

For starters, “Welcome On Board” to the all the new residents, owners and tenants alike, who have joined us since that last update. It’s been a while, as most of what needed to be communicated was specific to certain buildings and/or areas within Beaumont Quarter.

I hope you enjoyed the first long weekend after winter and with only eight weeks til Christmas, most of us will be busy for the next little while, so now’s probably a good time for me to get in touch with a few updates and reminders.

Over the last few months, a number of residents have commented on issues that I have previously raised as well, so on their behalf and for everyone’s benefit, I’d like to reiterate a few points which affect us all to varying degrees and I am asking for your understanding and cooperation to make these work. Please be so good and pass this on to other members of the household too.

Beaumont Quarter is a great place already, but with your help, we can make it even better.

Quite a while ago we tagged pushbikes parked in common areas in the garages. The idea is to identify pushbikes that have been abandoned and take up useable space. If you have a pushbike in the garage, please remove the tag by the end of November.
Fire & Smoke Alarms

Unlike apartments, which are part of a building wide central system, townhouses across the complex have standalone smoke detection systems. These need to be checked, and the back-up batteries replaced, on a regular basis. Please do not remove batteries, let alone the actual smoke detectors, as this puts you and your neighbours at serious risk in case of fire.

Just a quick reminder to residents in apartments. If you hear the fire alarm and the voice-over asking you to evacuate the building, please follow these instructions, then dial 111 and provide the fire service with your location. Even though we generally deal with false alarms, that’s never a given, so time is of the essence in these cases. None of our buildings are connected to the brigade, so it is crucial that we, as residents, make that call. Once you’ve called 111, let me know immediately please.
Recreation Centre

The recreation centre is a great asset for the community, so we, as residents, need to play our part in making sure it can be enjoyed by all of us at all times. Part of that is cleanliness and hygiene. It is somewhat disappointing to still see a number of residents and their visitors not shower prior to jumping into the pool or spa. Showers are available in the recreation centre and it is a requirement that these are being used! It should also go without saying that only swimwear should be worn, so no T-shirts or other streetwear for example.

Please remember, anyone found bypassing the shower will be asked to contribute $50 towards the cleaning fees and runs the risk of being excluded from using the facility for a week. There will be no warnings given.
Parking and Speed

I realise that some of us have more than one car, but only one allocated space, while others find it more convenient to use a visitor park because it may be closer to home. As a result, visitor car parks get taken over by residents for way longer than the 10 minute limit, greatly impacting on genuine visitors and, during the day, contractors as well. So please, even if less convenient, use your allocated space or park out on Beaumont Street which, at $2/hour, is much cheaper than the $200 fee for getting clamped or towed. Parking is free on Beaumont Street from 6pm to 8am weekdays and all weekend and public holidays.

Those of us who have allocated car parks outside or underneath our units, please ensure cars are within the designated space and/or well within the building envelope. Please do not park cars on footpaths (not even partially), across the back of allocated spaces or on yellow broken lines.

Visitor parking, although fairly limited, works rather well, as long as everybody sticks to the rules. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case these last few months, which is why the residents society committee decided at the last meeting that those residents who continue to overstay in visitor car parks or are double parked, will be given an initial warning, with repeat offenders having their vehicles clamped and/or towed. This may seem a little heavy handed, but these car parks are provided for the benefit of the community at large. It’s a shame that a minority is making things difficult for the majority, so please, let’s make an effort and make this work.

As part of the above point, please ensure your visitors know how parking in the complex works, i.e. the P180 (3 hour) time limit, the fact that car park hopping is not allowed and neither is double parking.

While I am it, could I please also ask everybody to monitor their speed, while driving through the complex!? We have a 10kph limit in place, which keeps road noise down and, more importantly, pedestrians safe. We have a lot of pets and children in the complex and anything over the limit puts them at risk unnecessarily.

Now, on to something a lot more fun.

There is heaps happening this weekend and over the next few days, kicking off with Halloween tomorrow (31st of October), so make sure you’ve got some treats handy in case someone comes knocking and then there is Guy Fawkes on November 5th. In the lead up to, and on the day, please remember, no fireworks within the complex to keep you and your neighbours happy and all our resident pets safe!

Then there is of course the big one – The All Blacks v. The Wallabies on Sunday morning 5am as well as the Auckland Marathon.

In weeks to come and all throughout Summer there is plenty on in the neighbourhood, so it might pay for you to check online with OurAuckland, Wynyard Quarter and other online sources.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, let me know.

Thanks and Kind Regards

Ulf Behncke
Complex Manager