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Beaumont Quarter is a 258-unit residential project in central Auckland, designed for inhabitants who want to move back to the city centre, without relying on the regular use of cars. In a country that is known for building only high-rise or low-rise, Beaumont Quarter has been recognised as a benchmark project for medium-density development, introducing a European design that gives priority to pedestrians with a dense network of pedestrian pathways and small squares.

The award-winning design is exceptional in both concept and execution. The complex is comprised of a series of unique buildings, each with an independent yet complimentary aesthetic, brought together with pedestrian friendly walkways and shared spaces. All homes are well-equipped with high-quality, contemporary fittings and furnishings and have a focus on spacious living areas. Building height has been regulated to maximize natural light. And many homes have their own outdoor areas like courtyards, rooftop patios or decks – some with stunning views of the city. Trees, gardens and green spaces make BQ a relaxing and refreshing place to come home to.

Studio Pacific Architecture developed the masterplan, and was also the architect Stage 1. S333 was commissioned to design Stage 2 and the Sydney-based architect Ian Moore designed Stage 3.

Beaumont Quarter is featured as a case study in:


Master Plan

  • NZIA New Zealand Architecture Medal Finalist, Urban Design, 2010
  • NZIA New Zealand Architecture Award, Urban Design, 2010
  • NZIA Auckland Architecture Award for Urban Design, 2009
  • The People’s Choice Auckland City Mayoral Urban Design Awards, 2006

Stage 1

  • NZIA Auckland Architecture Award, 2003

Stage 3

  • The People’s Choice Auckland City Mayoral Urban Design Awards, 2007


Beaumont Quarter is built on a site once occupied by the Auckland Gas Company. The iconic, historical brick gasworks buildings were preserved during development and are over one hundred years old. They’ve been lovingly restored and provide a real sense of heritage.

The Exhauster building, located in the heart of BQ, has become the Recreation Centre housing a pool, gym, spa and sauna as well as a few townhouses while behind the charming brick façade facing Beaumont Street you can now find retail and commercial tenants.

The origin of the street names are:

  • Fisher-Point Drive - named after Point Fisher, a headland shown on a map of Auckland from the 1840s.
  • Telpher Street - named after the Telpher Track, which passed by the site.
  • Brickfield Way - named after Brickfield Bay (now Fanshawe St), the site of the first brickworks in Auckland.
  • The Boardwalk - refers literally to its nature as a suspended pathway.